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Glion Institute of Tourism, Hospitality Management and Finance, International Tourism Management, International Hotel Management, Food and Beverage Organization Management degree, diploma and master’s programs are offered. 9 out of 10 people graduated from the market success of the industry criteria: 20 euro% compared to the first position at work and settled in parts. Switzerland’s most prestigious tourism schools with students entering the school after glioma, based entirely on the interests and abilities have the opportunity to specialize in their desired area.

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HTMI (Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland)

HTM’s School of Hotel and Tourism Management students from across the world according to the requirements of the tourism industry management career training. The teaching staff of the school students of management positions in the hospitality and tourism industry, according to the requirements successful in educating and providing quality education, is comprised of the industry’s leading executives.

htm students to be successful in the international tourism sector and prepare to have a career.

School International School of Hotel and Tourism Management, International Tourism Research Centre, International Organization Management Education Center, Center for Career Management and Catering Management Centre are the five different parts.

HTM we are representing the school, giving students a quality education for our students who want to make a good career and self, in the field of hospitality and tourism management from A to Z is providing all the theoretical and practical training.

HTM as an international school with students from 24 different countries, promote their own culture and the cultures of other countries in the world offers the opportunity to learn.


HTM is located in Canton Lucerne, one of Switzerland’s most beautiful region is Soerenberg. Soerenberg city with winter sports and ski resorts also have a worldwide reputation. This region is located in the canton of German and Swiss German is spoken.Students receive training in the famous Swiss-style hospitality from every region of the world to come here and furnished in accordance with the quality standards and traditions in the real atmosphere of the hotel Switzerland hotel accommodation, work and educational attainment is found.

UNESCO protection programs Located in the natural beauty of the campus is the area under protection in Switzerland only.Soerenberg which is a good example of ecotourism, tourism and nature tourism area is creating a perfect harmanlarak. Rising up to 25 degrees in summer weather, clean and green surroundings, fun and lively in winter with ski area attracts many tourists each year to students from over fifty countries provide the opportunity to communicate with tourists.

The next semester start date: August 13, 2013 and January 20, 2014

Uluslararası Otel ve Turizm İşletmeciliği Sertifika Programı


  • 1st Annual International Hotel and Tourism Management Certificate Program,
  • 2nd Annual International Hotel and Tourism Management Diploma Program
  • 3-year Higher Diploma in International Hotel and Tourism Management Program,
  • 4th Annual International Hotel and Tourism Management Bachelor Degree my Porgram (United Kingdom University of Ulster)
  • 2nd Annual Graduate Diploma in International Hotel and Tourism Management Program, (University of Birmingham, UK)
  • 1 Year MBA in International Hotel and Tourism Management Diploma Program (Queen Margaret University, UK)
  • 1 Year Diploma in Hotel İşletmecil Education
  • Hotels in Organizational Management Graduate Diploma Program
  • Bachelor and Master in Advanced European Pastry Diploma Program
  • Management MBA in Tourism Management and Tourism Management after MBA Degree Programs (Double Major)
  • Tourism Embroidery MSc (Edinburgh Napier University), School of Tourism Management MBA and post-MBA Diploma in Tourism Management Programs (United Program, Three Major)

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